Saturday, May 1, 2010

I am incredibly late in doing this but I have some new diapers to review, gDiapers, Bummis Prefolds, Happy Heiny Pocket Trainging Pants, bummis training pants, and JuicyToots. Also a quick update on my laundry routine and a soap review. But first;

Lyra has an issue with Rashes when she teeths, this drives me nuts because, while it is in every way a teething rash and goes away when teething stops, it looks exactly like a yeast rash. Usually it's my first sign she's teething, she gets a spot or two and a few bumps and then the tooth pops through in a week or two and it goes away on it's own.

Recently she got 4 molars, at once. A very not nice month in the Gayton-Green home. Two weeks in it looked worse then the yeast rash Ace fought for 3 months. It was waking her up over night. I broke down and bought disposables after my other cloth diapering Mama friends convinced me it was okay (sometimes I'm hard on myself). The last tooth popped through this week and Wednesday we did our first day of cloth without any indications of the rash resurfacing.

We've recently switched laundry soaps and changed up our routine. We're using
  • Rockin' Green
  • I'm using the Classic rock formula, but I plan to switch to Hard Rock when I run out. I wash every 2-3 days. This gives me 10-15 diapers a load, I wash on my highest load setting. I start with a Cold Rinse with 1tbsp on baking soda. Then a hot wash with 1-2tbsp of Rockin Green. Now that the weather is nicer I'm going to start hanging them on the line to dry again.

    We've swiched from a Diaper Genii II with a bummis PUL bag liner to a hanging pail wet bag with a zipper. For those of you new or not yet starting to CD after a day or two of sitting a diaper will get a bit of an ammonia smell, mulitply by about 10 diapers and it can be over powering, my system was not holding this in and I had to fix that. The hanging bag holds it all in.

    Reviews -tutorials for these to come-

  • gDiapers
  • I love these, we used them with the flush inserts while on vacation with my parents. They didn't smell like disposables do, the inserts broke up and flushed easily and I LOVE that they fasten in the back. The down side is that I don't find the inserts are effective overnight and we used disposables for over nights.

    Now that we're home I stuff them with my Micro Terry inserts or a prefold and the work fantastic all times of day and night.

  • Bummis Prefolds
  • I'll be the first to admit I was a little intimidated by prefolds. I mean they had to be folded and then do I want to use pins or a snappi and pockets, fitteds, AI1/2 are so much easier, right? Well I took the plunge, bought 6 of them and I kinda love them. If you're CDing on a budget and 15-30.00 'easy' options are just not in your budget do not be afraid to use prefolds and splurge on some cute covers or even make some yourself if you knit or crochet.

    I use the newspaper fold, which is just folding the diaper in thirds and doesn't require a snappi. Or I use the Angel fold, which does. These both work as great over night options for my super pee-er. The downside to these is it does sometimes take a few attempts with a crazy squirmy 15 month old, and is not always as quick a change as with my other style

  • Bummis Training Pantss
  • I was a tester for these and I was really happy with them. They are a pull up style, they're perfect for over nights and going out with my potty training 2.5 year old. I'd really like to see them with side snaps for poop accidents but aside from that I have no complaints.

  • Happy Heiny Pocket Traners
  • We use my micro terry inserts with these and I'm pretty happy with them. The liner is very soft, they fit well and are as trim as a pocket diaper can get. They've lasted well over night and they do what they're supposed to. I have no complaints.

  • Juicytoots
  • I tried these on the advice of some friends. This is a WAHM brand, the diaper style is similar to goodmama's with snap in absorbing inserts, the snap closure is simpler then GM and while the sizes will fit a wide range of weights they are not one sizes like GM. They are a great alternitive for someone who likes GM but can't afford [or justify] spending 30.00 on a diaper. They can also hold a Lyra pee without soaking through, which means I haven't had to cover the awesome print.

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